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 Iranian Epilepsy Association is a national non-governmental organization whose mission is to increase public awareness & knowledge about epilepsy to enhance the quality of life for people with epilepsy through changing attitude toward epilepsy


   IEA has started in 1995 with 12 years trying of one of people with epilepsy, the late Varzaghan, & a group of specialists





1.     Improving medical services for care & cure of people with epilepsy & their families.
2.     Try to increase knowledge about epilepsy by providing educational congresses & seminars for the public & professions.
3.     Communications with other societies to profit last researches & technologies in epilepsy treatment.
4.     Try to obtain epilepsy prevalence in Iran & effort to prevent it by promoting Health programs.

1.     Promoting well diagnosis & treatment for people with epilepsy by providing professional seminars.
2.     Enhance quality of life of people with epilepsy by educational sessions in the media, also preparing brochures and pamphlets.
3.     Co-operation with Health Ministry for making researches about epilepsy prevalence in Iran.
4.     Encourage neurologists to identify needs of people with epilepsy by researches.
5.     Prevent of epilepsy by public awareness of etiology of epilepsy (e.g. head trauma, prenatal care, delivery care…)

6.     Development of attitude toward epilepsy by providing educational programs in the media; also public congresses.





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